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“You are citizens of a free country living under a Constitution which upholds the rule of law and of which the High Court of Australia is the guardian. In our country lawyers play a vital part to ensure that we live under the protection of the law. Your mission is justice under the law. It is a very important mission. You should never forget it. It is quite as honourable as the mission of the healthcare professions. It is a wonderful vocation that you will enter. You should always be optimistic and idealistic about our profession. It is a profession of helping people. A profession about being concerned with justice. A very important mission. You are not in this profession just to make a lot of money. You have been called to the colours of the law because our work is the doing of justice.”

The Former Honourable Justice Michael Kirby AC CMG

The Australian Law Firm is the smart choice when it comes to choosing a law firm.

The Australian Law Firm is defined by the exceptional result we produce, the values we share, the clients we serve and most importantly our solicitors.

The Australian Law Firm solicitors consistently deliver excellence in the most complex and demanding legal matters, both litigation and transactions. They do not consider the practice of law as a job, but rather a calling to serve clients, the profession and the community.

No matter what legal challenge is presented, our powerful combination of experience, professionalism and teamwork helps clients achieve their goals.

With a combined experience of more than 30 years in the legal industry, we are a committed and passionate law firm looking after our client’s legal needs.

Founded in 2014, The Australian Law Firm is a law firm of international reach. Our Firm has been widely recognised for producing outstanding results in transitions and securing significant results at all levels through the Supreme Court of New South Wales, the District Court of New South Wales, the Local Courts of New South Wales and the Family Law Courts in Australia as well as transactions throughout Australia and overseas.

Our clients range from large privately held corporations, associations to emerging companies, family-run businesses and individuals.

Our clients and business dealings throughout the world, trust The Australian Law Firm with their most sensitive and consequential matters.

We have earned our reputation as a “Law Firm of the Future”. Our solicitors have won impressive victories in complex and challenging cases in a broad range of substantive areas of law and across a variety of industries, before Federal, State and Administrative Courts and in arbitration.

We have achieved milestone rulings on behalf of our clients in matters before the Family Law Courts of Australia, the District Court of New South Wales and the Local Court of New South Wales.

The Australian Law Firm commitment to public service is part of their everyday practice. We are known for our long traditional advocacy as well as our commitment to our clients and community.

The firm’s overall achievements is well noted. The Fairfield City Local Business Awards most recently named The Australian Law Firm to its Finalists in Outstanding Professional Services for the years 2018, 2019 and 2020, recognising it as among the top professional service providers in the Fairfield City area. These achievements shows that The Australian Law Firm is able to balance the practice of law with their obligations to the profession and the community. The honour reflects our commitment to exceeding client’s expectations, investing in our people, increasing diversity in the legal profession and helping those with the greatest need for legal representation through our community service.

The Australian Law Firm solicitors rise above the rest both in term of their qualifications and their approach to practising law.

The Australian Law Firm is a modern law firm built with traditional values. The Australian Law Firm is your virtual, mobile law practice and/or traditional office practice law firm providing legal services all over Sydney.

The Australian Law Firm is the virtual law firm of our century. It is our emerging business model that helps our solicitors think differently about how to operate our practices. It is a forward-looking model of delivering client services. It runs counter to our solicitors training on looking backwards. This is a fascinating dynamic that we will explore by understanding that our client’s time is important. That is why we offer our clients flexible options when it comes to meeting them.

The Australian Law Firm offers clients the traditional face-to-face meetings or consultations at our 4 convenient office locations where we meet our clients there by appointments:

EDENSOR PARK: 12 Condello Crescent, EDENSOR PARK NSW 2176

SYDNEY: World Square, Level 45, 680 George Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000

LIVERPOOL: Level 2, 215-219 George Street, LIVERPOOL NSW 2020

BLACKTOWN: Level 3, 81 Flushcombe Road, BLACKTOWN NSW 2148

Sometimes clients feel intimidated by walking into a lawyer’s office, and that is why The Australian Law Firm offers a mobile legal service to clients. We can meet our clients anywhere in Sydney in a non-formal setting. The Australian Law Firm is happy to see clients at their own homes, nursing home facilities or retirement villages, a local café, workplace, a court house or any other appropriate location our clients wish us attend. Simply put, we come to you when you’re available!

Given The Australian Law Firm’s community involvement, we extend our legal services by finding time on a twice monthly basis to service the growing elderly community and other community members or non-members at La Valette Social Centre Blacktown NSW.

No matter which way we meet with you, you can rest assured that your legal problems are our legal problems, and we are here to help you. For all your legal needs, contact The Australian Law Firm on (02) 9604 9637 | 04 22 70 HELP | 04 22 70 4357.

Thank you for considering on using The Australian Law Firm for your legal needs.

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